Coffee Lover's Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Mar 26, 2013|

Who says kids are the only ones who should get an Easter basket?   Gifts are always great, especially if you receive a gift pertaining to something you're passionate about!

I'm a coffee lover, and work with others who are passionate about coffee---that's why we brainstormed some coffee gifts we'd love to receive.

Fill your Coffee Lover's basket with these gifts this Easter!

Favorite bag of coffee

A freshly roasted bag of coffee is always a fantastic gift for a Coffee Lover.  Does your Coffee Lover enjoy a coffee from a particular country or region?  Then stuff his/her basket with single origin coffees from that area.

Homemade Coffee Flavored Marshmallows & Truffles

Most Easter baskets have cute little marshmallows birds, but you can whip up Homemade Coffee Marshmallows with this recipe ,or create homemade Coffee Chocolate Truffles with this recipe   Both of these homemade desserts will be welcomed additions to any Coffee Lover's Easter basket!

Drip-free carafe

A NEW BUNN® drip-free carafe is a great addition to the Easter Basket this season.    This 10-cup carafe features an exclusive drip-free spout to help eliminate drips and dribbles down the side of the carafe.  After all coffee is meant for cups, not counters



Coffee Syrup

A Coffee Infused Syrup can be great as a topping on pancakes or ice cream.  It can also be used as a cooking ingredient, or a sauce for grilling meats and seafood. Your Coffee Lover will have a myriad of uses for this syrup!




  Coffee Mug

An awesome mug that showcases your Coffee Lover's personality is a great gift.   It can be a cool gadget mug, like the ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug, or a beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic mug. Let your creativity guide you when picking out a mug for your Coffee Lover.


Coffee Filters

If your coffee lover uses an automatic drip brewer, coffee filters are a great gift because they use them every day to create his/her favorite brew.  Plus, coffee filters can double as a great cleaning aid, or a fun start to crafts!





A coffee brewer that consistently delivers hot, great tasting coffee is must for any Coffee Lover.  To help find the brewer that fits the needs of your Coffee Lover check out the complete line of our Home Coffee brewers.



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