Coffee: Snapshot of Brazil

Mar 16, 2012|

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, so how much coffee are we really talking about?  Well, let's take a closer look at this coffee producing heavy weight.

  • Brazil produces nearly a third of all the coffee produced worldwide?!  In 2010, Brazil harvested nearly 48.1 million bags of coffee. (Caf De Brazil website)

Brazil produces millions of bags of coffee, but how many individuals are involved in the coffee industry in Brazil?

  • According to the Cafs de Brazil website, the coffee agribusiness generates about 8 million jobs in Brazil. In terms of production, Brazilian coffee is grown in 11 different states involving about 300 thousand coffee farmers.

Brazil may be the world's largest coffee producer, but Brazil is also a heavy weight when it comes to coffee consumption.   Brazil is the second largest coffee consumer in the world.  Clearly, Brazil is a nation that is huge player in the coffee industry, but did you know that coffee is not an indigenous plant to Brazil?    Coffee was introduced to Brazil in 1727, when the first coffee tree was brought from French Guiana.   Since then the coffee has spread across the fields of Brazil becoming a basic product in Brazil's economy and culture.  

In general, coffees from Brazil are known for their low acidity. When it comes to flavor Brazilian coffees can vary from nutty, sweet, bittersweet and even chocolate roast tastes.  Flavor profiles can be affected by so many factors including region, soil and the processing techniques.

  If you would like to learn more about the coffees of Brazil, visit


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