Coffee taste preferences around the world

Dec 22, 2011|

How do you take your coffee?  Black?  With cream and sugar?  Or do you add your very own special ingredient to make your coffee just as unique as you are.    Around the world different countries and regions have some pretty interesting coffee drinking habits.  

The way we enjoy our coffee is a very personal experience.  Our coffee drinking habits are what make coffee our own unique drink.  However, some habits seem to be shared and common place in particular areas of the world. Take a journey around the world and compare your coffee drinking habits to some of the general cultural coffee drinking habits.

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United States
In general, Americans like to add cream and sugar to their coffee and prefer lighter roasts of coffee.

Switzerland and Germany
Equals parts coffee and hot chocolate is the general coffee drinking habit in Switzerland and Germany.

The French prefer dark roast coffee, and enjoy the caf au lait, half milk and half coffee mixture.

Coffee with a touch of cinnamon is a favorite in Mexico.  In addition, Caf de Olla, or spiced coffee, with brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel and coffee is another coffee recipe that is popular in Mexico.

Coffee with a pinch of salt anyone?  If you ever travel to Ethiopian, the birthplace of coffee, you can try this coffee concoction.

Espresso is popular in Italy which is not surprising as Italy is actually home to espresso.  In general Italians dink their espresso with sugar.

In Thailand the coffee is strong with a chicory tinge, and is actually served with ice and sweetened condensed milk.

In Morocco they spice up their coffee by adding peppercorns.

Middle East
 The spices of the Middle East come to life in coffee, as many Middle Easterners prefer to add cardamom and other spices to their coffee.


In Cuba they drink caf cubano in shot form-- like tequila.  It is extremely strong and is NOT meant to be sipped. 

Coffee, whipped cream and water... Ok, not all added together, but in Austria they add whipped cream to their coffee and have a glass of water as a side.   A Viennesse roast or blend of two-thirds dark roast beans and one third regular roast is popular.



I Love Coffee!, book by Susan Zimmer













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