The color of your mug affects how you feel about your coffee

Dec 30, 2014

If your coffee tasted too intense this morning, maybe you need to switch your mug.   According to a new study, the color of your mug affects the perceived taste of your morning joe. Coffee served in white mugs was perceived as more intense and less sweet, compared to the same coffee served in a blue or transparent mug.

The researchers hypothesize that the contrast of brown coffee next to the white mug makes the coffee appear darker.   Thus leading to the subjects in the study believing it was stronger, but in fact there was no difference between the coffee.   Read more about the study HERE.

I do have to admit that I love drinking coffee out a fun, colorful mug as opposed to basic white mug. It is incredible how the perceived taste is altered by the color of a vessel.

What color of mug do you drink from?   Tell us on our Facebook page at


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