Consider the Sprayhead

Jul 14, 2016

Consider, if you will, the simple sprayhead, commonly located at the top of the brewing area of your typical home coffee brewer. It does not seem to be “much”, and one might easily wonder at the value or worth of such a small component. It’s just a disk with some holes in it. You may well go on thinking this until one day, for whatever reason, you brew a pot of coffee without that sprayhead in its given position.

When the sprayhead is missing, the brew water flows too forcefully, blasting coffee grounds to the side, over-extracting solids from the center of the impact zone, and far under-extracting solids from the coffee at the perimeter of the funnel (if wetting these at all). Not only does the water create little turbulence, so too does it exit the funnel far too quickly, leaving you with a drink that is weak and bitter.

Provided that the ground coffee and water elements of your coffee making recipe are correct, the BUNN sprayhead allows water to disperse evenly over the coffee grounds and with just enough force to create the turbulence desired to perform proper flavor extraction. With the sprayhead correctly in place, the entire bed of coffee grounds will receive the saturation and agitation needed to achieve full depth of flavor. With this simple sprayhead of just nearly 1 ½” diameter, the perceived performance of the machine changes from unmemorable to unforgettable, as the flavor profile of the brewed cup changes from regrettable to enticing… from something you want to leave behind, to something to which you wish to return, day after day.


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