Cook of the Week Challenge

Aug 31, 2011
Capping off a great meal with a delicious cup of coffee is so enjoyable. At BUNN we not only appreciate the art and skill of brewing a quality beverage, but we also appreciate the art and skill of cooking. Needless to say BUNN is excited to be part of the 1st annual Daily Herald Cook of the Week Challenge and follow some wonderful self discovered home culinary artists. In todays edition of the Daily Herald the 16 contestants who will be battling it out in this culinary challenge were announced. Over the next 8 weeks these 16 contestants will face off in weekly recipe challenges where they must use three random ingredients of the week. (Think Iron Chef) The recipes will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will base scores on use of mandatory ingredients, ease of preparation and overall appearance and taste. Winners of the first round will advance to the next round where they will face a similar challenge. Only four cooks will advance to the finals on November 2 where they will be vying for the title of Cook of the Year and receive prizes worth more than $2000, including a brand new BUNN brewer. BUNN is pleased to be a sponsor of this fun competition which celebrates cooking. Over the next few weeks we will follow the progress of the competition. (We are crossing our fingers that one of the secret ingredients will be coffee!) Visit to meet the 16 contestants and learn more about the competition!


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