Doughnut and Coffee Pairings

Jun 6, 2013|

This Friday, June 7 is National Doughnut (or Donut) Day!   When I think of doughnuts, coffee automatically comes to mind too.   Doughnuts and coffee are a classic pairing.  There is nothing quite like taking a big bite of a decadent, chocolate glazed doughnut and washing it down with a sip of freshly brewed coffee, or dunking a cake doughnut into a cup of coffee for a breakfast treat!

Coffee is actually ingrained into the history of National Doughnut Day.   This 76 year- old holiday started as a way to honor female Salvation Army volunteers, nicknamed "Doughnut Lassies", who traveled through the trenches during World War I to deliver doughnuts and coffee to physically and emotionally drained soldiers.   Even the "Doughnut Lassies" knew doughnuts paired great with coffee!

I like to think that every type of doughnut goes with every type of coffee.   I've never tasted a doughnut I didn't like with my coffee!   However, flavor profiles and nuances in different types of coffee can pair well with certain types of doughnuts.

This fun cartoon from Saveur magazine gives suggestions on different types of coffee to try with your favorite doughnuts!

A maple bacon doughnut paired with a Brazilian single origin coffee sounds delightful with mixing flavor notes of "peanuttiness" from the coffee, and "sweet-salty"  flavor of the doughnut.  A jelly doughnut is one of my personal favorites, so tomorrow for National Doughnut day I may just have to try the suggested pairing of Jelly Doughnut and Cappucinno.

Happy National Doughnut Day!


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