Enrich your Garden with Coffee Compost

May 6, 2015|

May and it’s time to start thinking about your summer garden. Did you know one of the best nutrients to enrich your soil comes from your kitchen? That’s right, used coffee grounds provide a healthy supplement for soil to help you grow a full and healthy garden this summer.

According to Gardenweb.com, coffee grounds are a very good addition to your composting efforts as they are considered "green" and provide a source of nitrogen. It is widely thought that coffee grounds are acidic but most of the acidity is removed in the brewing process. Used grounds are essentially neutral, and when composted with other materials any minor residual acidity is negated.

Grit.com also adds that coffee grounds provide a more natural compost than other purchased products. Coffee grounds do not contain pathogens or weed-removing substances that can be embedded in some compost mixes thanks in part to chemicals and fertilizers used on pastures.

Determining the amount of coffee grounds that should be added to a compost mix is dependent on how much you have available. If you’re using the amount of grounds that an average household might generate, you should have no concerns. If you have access to larger volumes, Cornell University research shows you should limit the percentage to no more than 20% of the volume of the mix.

So the next time you’ve finished your coffee routine, compost your used grounds, the vegetation in your garden will thank you all summer long!


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