Evolution of the Home Coffee Makers

Feb 29, 2012|

It is amazing to think that 60 years ago the world did not have the internet, smart phones, wi-fi, Facebook, flat screen televisions or... home coffee makers!  In the 1950s and 1960s people brewed coffee at home with a percolator. Today there are numerous ways to brew from drip coffeemakers to single-serve brewers to French press.  To help you see where home coffee brewing has from here is a time line of the evolution.  Of course we've incorporated BUNN home brewer evolutions to the list.


Evolution of Home Coffee Makers

1950's-1960's: Percolator  

1972: The first drip home coffeemaker is launched by Mr. Coffee.

1972: The first commercial quality home brewer is introduced by BUNN.


Early 2000's: The first  coffee maker with integrated grinder is introduced by Cuisinart.

Mid to late 2000s: Single serve home brewers grow in popularity with systems such as Keurig and Tassimo.

2010: The first BUNN home coffee brewer with an auto-start function is launched and receives SCAA certification.


2012: BUNN introduces a new style of brewing with the trifecta MB.

PRESENT DAY: Lots of options available to meet the needs of a wide variety of coffee brewing habits!!!


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