Fall Wreath

Nov 2, 2012|

We've embraced the fall season by creating this beautiful wreath made from BUNN coffee filters.    We included directions so you make your very own Fall wreath too!  Plus, your family and friends will be impressed this Thanksgiving when they see your master piece!

Stay tuned because we will also have a Christmas Wreath in December!

Materials needed:

  • 1 box BUNN Coffee Filters
  • Acrylic Paint- Assortment of fall colors
  • Bowl(s)
  • Floral wire
  • Round Styrofoam ring
  • Ribbon


Directions for making Fall Wreath

  1. In the bowl, mix a few drops of acrylic paint and water for the desired color you wish to dye the flowers of your wreath.  For a more muted fall color add a drop of brown paint to the bowl. (We suggest doing multiple colors to make a colorful wreath.)
  2. Next place filters in the paint and water mixture.
  3. Allow the filters to soak in the mixture. 
  4. Remove filters from the water.
  5. Remove excess mixture by gentling squeezing. 
  6. Hang filters to dry.   Allow the filters to completely dry.
  7. After the filters are completely dry, stack 2 filters of the same color of.
  8. Next, pinch the centers of the coffee filters in the middle of the flat bottom between your index finger and thumb.  While pinching the middle of the filter, begin to fold all sides of the filter up until they all meet each together.   The area of the filter you are pinching will become a point. 
  9.   Wrap a 3 inch piece of wire around the pointed edge of the filters. 
  10.  Next, stick the end of the wire( end not attached to the filters) into the Styrofoam ring.  IMPORTANT:  Before sticking any filters into the Styrofoam ring  attach the ribbon around the top of the wreath.   The ribbion will allows you to hang the wreath after
  11. Repeat this process to create a full wreath.


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