Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemakers in America*

Oct 11, 2016

No one gets to be the best without hard work and dedication. Company founder George Bunn relentlessly designed, hand assembled, and tested coffeemaker prototypes before introducing the Bunn-O-Matic® (BUNN®) exclusive, gravity drip commercial brewer in 1957. After 15 years of commercial success, that professional grade technology was adapted for home use in 1972 when the company launched the first BUNN home coffeemaker. Now, almost 45 years later, BUNN Speed Brew® home coffeemakers are still making great-tasting pots of coffee fast. To this day they are the fastest 10-Cup home coffeemakers in America.

With BUNN Speed Brew Technology, making great tasting coffee is not only fast, but simple. After the one time initial set-up process, simply add your favorite coffee to the filter basket, pour in fresh water, close the lid and the coffeemaker begins to brew immediately. The secret is that BUNN Speed Brew home coffeemakers feature a stainless steel water tank that is always on and ready to brew hot coffee on demand. In fact, they brew a 10-cup pot of coffee in about four minutes. That’s fast!

Since consumer research shows brewing fast is the #1 coffeemaker attribute**, it’s no wonder the BUNN Speed Brew products continue to add loyal followers. If you haven’t tried one yet, they are available at leading retailers and online shopping sites, including Join the club. Start making great tasting coffee fast with a BUNN Speed Brew home coffeemaker.


*Based on internal testing of BUNN Speed Brew coffeemakers to other similar coffeemakers
**Shapiro+Raj Consumer Research for BUNN, June 2015


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