How Coffee Fits into your New Year's Resolutions

Jan 27, 2012|

The start of a new year brings on new year's resolutions.  Common resolutions that are popular year after year... eat healthy, save money, lose weight, quit smoking.   The list goes on and on. We know, we know... You may be thinking, I make the same resolution each year and never seem to achieve it.  It is already the fourth week in January and you may feel like giving up, but not so fast.  We want to help you achieve your goals.  That's why we looked at how you can incorporate coffee into a couple common new year's resolution.   Let's look at how new coffee habits could help you achieve your resolution to save money.   These new coffee habits and routines could help you save a few dollars throughout the year by not wasting coffee. 

  1.  Save Money by properly storing coffee
    Coffee can lose freshness very quickly if not stored properly.  To help alleviate this problem and maximum the freshness of your coffee, store it in a clean, dry place away from heat, vents, extreme cold or extreme light.  Also, it is important to store coffee in an air tight container that keeps light out.   Following these easy coffee storing tips will prevent you from having to throw away stale coffee and your hard earned dollars!

  2. Save money by brewing smaller batches
    Save money this year by brewing just the right amount of coffee for your needs.   Some days you may need a full 10 cup pot of coffee from your BUNN Velocity Brew.  Other days you might just want one cup. Instead of throwing away leftover coffee, try brewing smaller batches.   No matter how much coffee you want to enjoy, BUNN has a brewers that fits your needs.
  • Velocity Brew models allow you to brew between 4 to 10 cups of coffee fast! (20 to 50 ounces)
  • Phase Brew models allow you to brew between 4 to 8 cups of coffee (20 to 40 ounces) and program the machine to brew before you wake up.
  • My Caf single cup pod brewer allows you to enjoy one 4 to 14 ounce cup of coffee at a time. 


How coffee could help in your New Year's Resolution to Eat Healthy

Ok, we know that drinking is not technically eating, but drinking coffee could be a stepping stone in your goal of eating healthy.  While new research emerges everyday about the health benefits of coffee and opinions differ greatly about this subject, the one thing that is for certain, there are many nutrients found in your morning cup of coffee.

So exactly what's in your coffee? Below is a breakdown of some of the nutrients in a typical 8 ounce mug of coffee.  Additionally,  you can see the benefits of each of these nutrients. 



Quantity 1 mug (8 fl oz)*

Approx. % DV **(Based on 2,000 Calorie Diet)



235.55 grams


An essential element.


.28 grams


Important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood


5 mg


Chief supportive element of bones and teeth.


7 mg


Aids in the body's absorption of calcium and plays a key role in the strength and formation of bones and teeth.


116 mg


An electrolyte (a substance that maintains your body's fluid levels) that helps regulate blood pressure and heart function.


.18 mg


A coenzyme that helps breakdown carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy.


.033 mg


Necessary for normal energy processing and for the health of the heart and nervous systems.



* Quantity information is from USDA National Nutrient Database Report for Coffee, brewed from grounds, prepared with tap water.  Click here to see reference.  All information is believed to be accurate but not warranted.

**Percentage is based on values on from FDA website.  Click here to see reference.  



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