It’s Easy to Enjoy Blended Iced Coffee Drinks at Home

May 19, 2015|

Looking for a refreshing icy drink during the heat of summer while still getting your coffee fix? It could be as easy as walking into your kitchen. Along with your BUNN home brewer, all you need is a freezer and a blender to get started. This trio of appliances will help you create tasty blended iced coffee beverages within the comfort of your home and in a minimal amount of time.

We asked our own Dr. Brew for some insights into creating refreshing blended coffee drinks and he recommended these points to keep in mind:

  • Brew the coffee stronger than you normally prefer, this will help create a concentrate in your carafe. If you don’t feel comfortable using more coffee, simply keep the amount of coffee the same and just use half the water.
  • Another key step to remember is to not to keep the concentrate solution hot for very long. Remove it from your brew pot as soon as possible. Chilling the coffee quickly helps stop it from cooking and holds the flavors you desire. It also keeps acids from reforming in the concentrate, which may accentuate flavors you may not desire or make the coffee taste sour.
  • Once the brewing process is complete, you can add sweetener and flavoring directly into the concentrate. An easy way to keep the flavor locked in is to freeze the sweetened or and/or flavored concentrate into cubes. Once the cubes are formed, place them in the blender and mix to the thickness you desire. This retains the strength of the coffee and balances the flavoring as well.

There are multiple ways to prepare your drink once the coffee has been brewed. This recipe from Savory Sweet Life cookbook outlines the steps needed to create a refreshing frappe. Charong Chow of provides a simple iced coffee drink along with a guideline to creating a blended iced cappuccino.

As you can see, it’s simple to enjoy cool, refreshing blended coffee drinks all summer long without leaving the comfort of home!


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