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Dec 18, 2014| now uses drop down Mega Menus for navigation. As is the case with any site, finding what you’re looking for takes some getting used to. Once you have arrived at the content you’re searching for, you can bookmark favorite pages.

There are five Mega Menu options that reside in the upper right header portion of the homepage. The options include Commercial Products, Home Products, Why BUNN, Company and Contact. Each one opens a door to different set of content.

The Home Products tab is the gateway to the products designed for use in a home environment and, as you would expect, the Commercial Products link leads users to our offerings designed for use in a commercial setting. 

Both the Why BUNN and Company menu options help explain who we are as a brand, what we do on a daily basis and how we can help you have the best beverage experience by sharing our knowledge and of course the Contact menu is your resource for finding the best way to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have. Navigating through the menus provides user friendly options.

You can use your mouse to hover over the menu and it will provide a list of drop down options with subheadings to help guide you quickly to the content. Once you find the subheading you’re looking for, clicking that link will provide you direct access to the content. For example if you’re looking to find parts and service forms or, you can hover over the Home Products Mega Menu item and a drop down menu will provide you a search list with a variety of options. For this example, you could click on the How Can We Help tab and the move the cursor to the left and select the Parts and Service Request option. Once that has been selected, you will be able to view all of the service option and contact information BUNN offers its home model customers.

We hope you enjoy the features of our online home and remember the Mega Menu is the map to use on your digital journey through


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