Predict the weather using a cup of coffee?!

Apr 13, 2012|

The weather in April can be wishy-washy.  One day it's sunny, warm and beautiful, the next day rain and thunderstorms.   The month is even labeled a "rainy" month in the saying, "April showers bring May flowers."   Pop up showers and thunderstorms seem common place during April, ruining your outdoor plans.   But what if I told you, you could predict the weather using your morning cup of coffee?    According to Backpacker Magazine, a cup of coffee can be used to predict if it will be a beautiful day or if rain is likely.  How?   Take strong, brewed coffee and place in a coffee cup with straight sides.  Next, stir your coffee to create bubbles.    If the bubbles gather in the center, "you're in a high- pressure system" meaning it appears it will be a beautiful day.   If the bubbles form a ring around the outside of the coffee cup, "you're in a low-pressure system" meaning rain is likely!    

This technique doesn't mean you are a professional meteorologist, but it is a fun experiment to try!     To read more about this visit Backpacker Magazine online.


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