Recipe: Iced Tea with Raspberries

Jun 21, 2013|

It's June 21 and summer is officially here!  The warm temperatures are creeping across the US , and everyone is turning to ice cold beverages to beat the heat.  The BUNN Home Products Division is no different.  We've been trading in our regular coffee and tea for iced versions.   Janice, the Credit Administrator for the Home Products Division, is an avid tea drinker, and brought in fresh raspberries to share with the department for a tasty, summer snack.   This got us thinking;  could we create an iced tea with these ripe, in-season berries?

We started experimenting with the My Caf MCU at the Home Products Division brew bar.  (Yes.  We have a brew bar in our department. )

Home Products Division Brew bar!

We grabbed a few black tea bags, a cup of ice, a handful of raspberries and went to work.    Here's how we started our experiment:


First, it is important to note that when preparing any iced tea it is recommended to brew double strength tea. Otherwise, the ice will dilute the tea with loss of flavor and color. 

  1. We used the Pod Drawer to place our tea bag in.
  2. To brew double strength tea use the same amount of tea, but cut the amount of water you would normally use in half.   For this experiment, we used one tea bag and 4 ounces of water.

  3. Next, we activated the Pulse Brew feature on My Caf and pushed the Brew Button.  Pulse Brew starts and stops the flow of water several times during the brew cycle and extends the contact time.  Pulse Brew is the recommended setting for tea.
  4. After our tea was finished brewing, we poured the tea over ice in a heat and cold resistant glass. 
  5. We decided we wanted a little more tea so we brewed another batch!
  6.  After we poured the second batch of tea over ice, we topped it off with fresh raspberries.   We placed whole and sliced berries in our tea.

The Result:  Delicious Tea. 

Janice described the tea as, "fruity and refreshing."

Try this tea recipe at home and tell us what you think on our Facebook page at!

Happy summer!



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