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Sep 9, 2013|

Blog Post Written by Amanda Crossland, Product Manager for BUNN Home Products Division

 In the United States we often take clean drinking water for granted.  A recent trip to Guatemala opened my eyes to how fortunate we are to have healthy, safe water.  According to ecofiltro, 90% of the rivers and streams in Guatemala are contaminated.  For many coffee producing communities, contaminated water leads to gastrointestinal problems that greatly impacts the health of the community.   Young children are especially vulnerable to diseases and malnutrition that result from contaminated water. 

Water source for El Capetillo Community in Alontenango

  El Capetillo is a coffee producing community in the Antigua region of Guatemala.  For this community the local Guacalate River is the water source.  Recent water testing revealed very high levels of e-coli and coliform contaminates.  Through the BUNN Development Guild, I was part of a small team that helped distribute 75 filter systems for the local grade school and community.  We worked with Funcafe, the rural development arm of Guatemala's national coffee association, to seed the community with water filters.  In the coming months Funcafe will track health improvements through the community clinic.  Learning about the challenges of a coffee producing community first hand was a life changing opportunity!


 Local families receive water filters and health education.








About the Author

Amanda joined the BUNN team in 2008 and is the Product Manager for Home Products.  She enjoys interacting with coffee lovers to learn more about brewing great coffee and provide high quality products.  When not exploring the coffee world, Amanda enjoys local and international volunteer work through the BUNN Development Guild, spending time with her young son William and exploring the underwater world through scuba diving.  


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