Share a cup of coffee with your plants

Apr 13, 2012|

To help your garden thrive this year, share a cup of coffee with it.  OK, not exactly, but coffee contains nitrogen which according to TLC website is a "nutrient that produces green growth and strong stems."       While we've seen arguments on both sides of the fence on whether coffee is really beneficial to plants, we love to share information that features coffee.    We suggest doing your own research to decide if coffee is right for your plants.

If you decide that you want to utilize coffee in your gardening routine, check out the different ways to incorporate to help your plants grow big and strong this year.

Coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer
Sprinkle used coffee grounds onto the soil in your garden.    Or you can mix the grounds with the top inches of the soil.

Diluted brewed coffee as a plant fertilizer
Do you have coffee leftover in your BUNN carafe after you morning cup of joe?  Use this coffee to give your plants a drink.  Warning- To use brewed coffee as fertilizer you will need to dilute it.   TLC suggests a mixture of about coffee and water in your mixture.    This weak coffee mixture should only be used about once per week.   This diluted coffee fertilizer can be used on "potted plants, houseplants or on vegetable gardens. "


Use coffee as pest repellant.
Coffee is acidic and can be used as a pest barrier for your plants.   Create a barrier of used coffee grounds to repel slugs, snails and ants.


Make a plant bed
According to eHow mixing coffee grounds with soil before planting helps the soil nourish and your plants thrive.   It is recommended to till the top 6 to 8 inches of soil and then proceed with planting your garden.  After planting, water the plants as this will release the nitrogen from the coffee grounds and give the plants a great start!


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