Simple gestures to show Mom you appreciate her

May 10, 2012|

Moms these days are so busy.  Between juggling their careers, kids' activities and household responsibilities, many moms are working round-the-clock.  Their motherly instincts guide them, always finding time and energy to take care of everyone and everything, with the exception of themselves. If this sounds like your mom, then listen up because this list is for you.   Mother's Day is this Sunday.  This day is meant to celebrate moms of all ages, young and old.    While many of us rely on flowers and jewelry to express our appreciation for Mom (I being one of those people) perhaps the simple tasks below will reinforce how much we love and appreciate the special lady in our life.    Whether you're 6 or 50, these simple gestures can show your mother you love and adore her.  Use these tips throughout this week, or place them in a coupon book so Mom can redeem a task each month. Mom deserves it!

1.        Help her around the house without being asked.

Helping with household chores without your mom having to beg will make her life easier.   Even if you despise cleaning your room, or doing the laundry, your mom doesn't particularly enjoy housework either.  If you're a grown adult you can still help with household chores.   If you notice mom has been talking about that creaky door in the bedroom or the weeds in the garden, offer to come assist her.   Major chores mom could use some help with ...  

  • Yard Work.  Your mom will love it if you offer to mow the lawn, trim the bushes or weed the garden. 
  • Cleaning floors. Sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the floors is a hard job.  Help Mom with this process.

 2.       Help her save time.

Your mom's time is precious.  She rarely makes time for herself, and asking her to "cut back" on anything would probably be met with rolling eyes.   It's not impossible for your mom to take time for herself, but it may require your help. Below are a few suggestions on small tasks to help her save time

  • Arm her with technology.   Today there is an app to help manage about every undertaking - from paying bills, to finding the lowest gas prices to managing a family calendar. Offer to load your mom's smart phone with applications that will assist her with her daily activities so she can save time. Just make sure she knows how to use all the apps you equip her with.
  • Set the coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee before your mom even wakes up.  Mornings are a hectic time for busy moms.  Setting the coffee maker the night before allows your mom to take a few extra minutes in the morning to read the newspaper and take a deep breath before the chaos begins. Plus, she'll appreciate waking up to the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

Using a coffee brewer, like BUNN Phase Brew, allows auto programming to happen with a push of a button, so your mom can bask in those few early morning minutes every day.


 3.       Pamper her

Show your appreciation for Mom by pampering her.    This doesn't have to be a full massage and manicure at the salon.  (Although, this is a great gift!)  Instead, you can make your mom feel like the queen she is with simple pampering techniques like...

  • Serve Mom breakfast in bed.   Prepare pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast and a hot cup of coffee and deliver it to her in bed.  She deserves to sleep in.
  • Clean and detail her car.  
  • Prepare a lunch for your mom and some of her friends.  Having you play hostess for the day will allow your mom the opportunity to bond and enjoy the time with her friends.   Just don't forget to clean up the kitchen after!
  • Give her a good book, a candle and some bubbles and encourage her to unwind.
  • Have a special mother & daughter spa day at home with DIY treatments.  For awesome DIY scrubs, hair and cellulite treatments that incorporate coffee click here.


 4.       Talk and listen to her

Your mom loves to chat and spend time with you.   She wants to hear about what is going on in your life, what you've been doing, etc.  Share with her.   More importantly ask your mom about her life, and really listen to her.

An easy and fun way to have a fun, heart to heart with mom is a coffee party.   Prepare her favorite coffee (or tea) with your BUNN brewer and serve it up in your best china.   Set a table for two, complete with white linens, mini scones and biscotti, and invite mom over to sip, relax and chat over a warm cup of coffee. 

If you don't live in the same town as your mom, teach her how to video chat!   She'll be thrilled to see your smiling face, instead of just hearing your voice over the phone.

 5.       Tell her THANK YOU

Tell your mom thank you for all that she has done for you. Be specific.  Let her know how much you appreciate everything.  

 6.       Give her a HUG

You are never too big or old to give your mom a BIG HUG!


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