Tea Time!

Jun 27, 2012|

Ok question time.  When you want a cup of tea how do you prepare it?   

If you're like me you get some very hot water, throw in some loose leaf tea or a tea bag, wait a few minutes and voli... your cup of tea is done.

I was shocked to find that my technique required drastic improvement!  

Unlike coffee, all tea is not created equal when it comes to brewing. Different types of tea have different requirements when it comes to the temperature of the water and steeping time.   In order to extract the best flavor and avoid an over extracted or bitter taste follow these time and temperature guidelines.   These are just guidelines to get you started.  You may like a certain type of tea steeped a little more or less, but that's what is so fun you can play around with it!  Try these recommendations and you might be amazed how different your cup of tea tastes, especially for the more fragile green and white teas.


  •  Use one teaspoon of tea per cup of water.

Type of Tea

Water Temperature

Steep Time

Black tea

190F- 209F

3-5 minutes

Green tea


1-3 minutes

White tea


1-2 minutes

Oolong Tea


1-3 minutes

Herbal Tea


3-5 minutes


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