Think twice before blaming coffee for bad breath

Aug 5, 2011|

Coffee.  A beverage loved by so many, but blamed for making breath smell less than pleasant. Many affectionately refer to this coffee induced bad breath as coffee breath.    What if I told you that contrary to popular belief coffee is not to blame for bad breath, but actually might help inhibit bad breath.   Thats right, according to a study at Tel Aviv University in 2009, coffee contains an extract that actually can hinder the bacteria that leads to bad breath.[1,2]   So why does it seem like after drinking coffee a foul odor can be found on the breath?  According to Mel Rosenberg, a breath specialist at Tel Aviv University, people blame coffee for bad breath because coffee makes the mouth dehydrated.[1,2]  A dehydrated mouth can lead to potent breath when mixed with substances like milk.[1,2]

 Moral of the story " maybe think twice before you blame your coffee for your bad breath.

Here are some tips to help combat bad breath.

To read the full article on bad breath and coffee, click on one of the links below.



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