The Three T’s of Proper Brewing: Turbulence

Dec 13, 2013|

Over the past couple months we've looked atthe first two elements of three T's of coffee brewing- Time and Temperature.  Time is an important element in coffee brewing, as the amount of time the water is contact with the coffee determines the amount of coffee material extracted. This is the major component that affects flavor. The temperature of the water during the brewing cycle affects the flavor and extraction of coffee.    This element has a great influence on how brewed coffee will taste. Today we are going to examine the last T of proper brewing---Turbulence.  


Turbulence is created as water passes through and over the coffee.  Think of it as the mixing action of coffee brewing.  Turbulence allows the particles in the coffee to separate and water to flow around and through the particles for proper extraction.   In drip coffee brewers turbulence is created by the release of the water.   Water that drips too slowly over coffee grounds will not create enough turbulence.  This can result in coffee grounds which are not evenly wet and extracted.   The grounds in the middle of the brew funnel will be wet and over extracted, while the coffee on the outside of the brew funnel is under extracted. Over extraction can produce a bitter flavor.

In order to create the needed turbulence for ideal flavor extraction, the flow rate of water must be controlled.   BUNN brewers have specially designed sprayheads which do just that!  Our unique sprayhead quickly releases all the water at once to immerse the grounds and create the needed turbulence to evenly extract ideal flavor.    

BUNN brewers manage the science behind brewing, including the three's T's of proper brewing, so you can always brew and enjoy your best cup!



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