Tips to help parents save time in the morning

Aug 13, 2015

Over the next few weeks kids will be trading in the lazy summer days for early mornings as they head back to school.  

As a parent you may be excited about your kids going back to school. No more shuttling them from one day camp to another; no more phone calls at work with your kids bickering about who knows what siblings bicker about, and needing you to play referee from your office.   Soon you and your children will be settling into a normal schedule.

However, the first few weeks back to school can be a little rough for parents. The kids are having a hard time adjusting to the early mornings, and parents need to prep not only themselves for the day, but the kids too.  

These are a few tips to help parents save time in the morning, so they can be out the door fast.

  1. Prep the night before

Every mom I spoke to said prepping the night before saves rushing in the morning. Pack lunches for the kids and yourself the night before and store them in the fridge. Lay out clothes for the whole family the night before, including socks and accessories.  Prepping outfits saves time standing at the closet wondering what to wear, or realizing in morning that the kids have no clean socks. (It happens to the best of us.)

  1. Baskets for every family member by the door
    Keeping baskets for every family member by the door is a great way to keep all items organized and ready to go for the morning. Place backpacks, permission slips, after school clothes in the kids’ baskets. For mom and dad, car keys, briefcase and lunch time workout gear are great to place in the baskets. In the morning there is no thinking, simply grab the items and go.

  2. Lists, lists and more lists
    To-do lists are a mom’s best friend. Megan, BUNN marketing project manager and mom of 2 young boys, says keeping lists helps her stay on track. “ I create lists every night for everything that needs to get done the next day. From what I need to pack for the boys in the morning, to prep work for dinner that night.”With a list you never forget a task and can refer back to it to help you stay on track.
  1. Shoes by the door
    Nichole, BUNN Creative Director and mom of 3, says a huge time saver for her is having all her kids’ shoes by the door.  “I can have all the kids dressed, lunches ready, fed breakfast and when it comes time to put on their shoes the little ones can only find one. We end up searching the whole house looking for the lost shoe.” Now Nichole has all the family’s shoes stay by the door so there are no shoe emergencies in the morning. Great tip!
  1. Breakfast for the week
    It is said that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” However, creating a homemade breakfast every morning is very unrealistic for many families. Use Sundays to prepare easy, nutritious meals.   Egg muffin frittatas are a great way to create mini omelettes that you can pop in the microwave for 30 seconds.   Volia! Eggs for breakfast. (Plus, you can load these frittatas with veggies, so the kids start their day with protein and veggies.)   Individual Greek yogurt cups with a small bag of granola is a simple, on-the-go breakfast too!
  1. Coffee… fast
    “Motherhood. Powered by love. Fueled by coffee.”   This quote rings true for so many moms (and dads). Kids are not the only ones who struggle to get up and moving in the morning. If you need coffee to help kick start your routine, the last thing you want to do is wait for it. Waiting for a pot of coffee to brew can feel like watching paint dry. Having a coffee brewer that can keep up with your fast paced morning is crucial. The BUNN Speed Brew is able to make 10 tasty cups of coffee FAST. (Like 3 minutes fast).  It is brewed so quickly you have more time to focus on getting everyone ready.
  1. Emergency kits in the car
    Some morning no matter how much prep work has been done, you’ll still be running behind. For those mornings we love the idea from BabyCenter of emergency packs.   In the glove box keep a ziplock bag filled with a granola bar for breakfast, “brush, barrettes, and a few dollars so the kids can buy their lunches at school.”


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