What to consider when purchasing a new coffeemaker

Aug 10, 2012|

What to consider when purchasing a coffee maker
Whether you are in the market for a new coffee maker or plan on purchasing a new coffee maker as gift for someone else, you need to ask yourself a few key questions in order to find the perfect machine.  Consider each one of the questions below to determine your coffee requirements and your search will be much smoother!


  1. How much coffee do you usually drink?

                The quantity of coffee you drink will steer your search for the kind of coffee brewer you'll need.    Brewers can be multi cup brewers or single cup brewers.  If you drink a pot of coffee in the morning before you even step out the door, a single cup machine obviously would not be best for you, but instead a multi cup brewer would better fit your needs.

Evaluate your coffee consumption per day, then when shopping look at the maximum and minimum brew size for brewers.   It's important to look at both the maximum and minimum as many coffee makers, including BUNN coffee brewers, allow you to brew partial pots which allows for more flexibility.    


  1. Do you have time to wait for your coffee to brew?

How much time you can devote to waiting for your coffee to brew will ensure you have the coffee maker that meets your schedule.    

 Do you barely have time to get dressed, brush your teeth and get to work on time in the morning?   Your life is busy and you need a coffee maker that can keep up with your fast pace.  Typical drip coffee makers take approximately 10 minutes to brew a full pot of coffee and new single cup systems can take less than a minute to brew a cup of coffee.   BUNN Velocity Brew, features an internal hot water tank which allows for you to  brew a full pot of coffee in just 3-4 minutes.

You might also consider a machine with an auto programmable start.  This allows you the ability to set the coffee maker up the night before, and have coffee brewing before you even wake up.


  1. How often do you plan on brewing coffee?

The next question to consider in your search for the perfect coffee maker is how often you make coffee? Everyday?  Only on weekends?  Only for special occasions?   All coffee makers can adjust to your  coffee brewing schedule, but some can make you life a little easier.   If you plan to brew only on the weekends or for special occasions you might want to consider the flexibility a single cup brewer offers.  You can brew one cup at a time, plus if you have guests over for your special occasions you can customize the cup to their specific tastes.   One guests wants decaf, another wants tea- no problem with a single cup brewer, like the My Caf!

  1. Do you need a machine with a warranty?

Everyone wants to purchase a quality machine that will deliver a delicious cup of coffee for years to come.    However, coffee makers are electrical appliances that do have hot water running through them and over time wear and tear can take its toll.   Most coffee makers on the market carry a 1year or 2 year warranty.   BUNN brewers are backed by either a 2 year or 3 year warranty (depending on the model) and offer customer service support from Springfield, Illinois.   Before purchasing a coffee maker look to see if a warranty is offered, how long it is for and what is covered.    A great warranty and customer service can help get you back on the road to brewing delicious coffee should anything ever happen to your brewer. 


Once you've answered these questions you can narrow your search down to the coffee maker options that are right for your coffee needs!    

Of course we  wanted  to include a tool that can help answer these questions for our various BUNN Home Model so check our NEW Compare Products feature HERE!  

Happy Shopping!


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