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We manage the science of brewing so you don’t have to. BUNN offers a line of precision brewing and serving systems that are designed to produce optimum flavor.
The machine matters!
Equipment featuring Digital Brewer ControlTM gives
the operator control of the brewing process to create a variety of coffee recipes from a single origin of bean, or perfect recipes for different blends of beans.
Pre-infusion: Control over the wetting process
The sprayhead dispenses hot water and then turns off, allowing the wetting phase to complete.
Pre-infusion ensures that the coffee will be ready for the extraction phase when the sprayhead turns back on.
Pulse brew: Control over the extraction phase
The sprayhead dispenses hot water then goes through a cycle of turning off and back on. Pulse brew enables you to adjust the flavor of your coffee by extending brew times.
Variable Bypass: Control over brew strength Bypassing a percentage of the water around the ground coffee allows you to create unique flavors.
Digital Temperature: Control over brew temperature With Digital Brewer Control, you have the option to set the brewing temperature precisely where you want it. The low temperature brew lock-out feature ensures adequate water temperature.
Extraction Systems: Control over water distribution From traditional BUNN sprayhead designs to the BUNN 21-hole sprayhead, you can choose the spray pattern that yields the ideal flavor for your taste profile.
See other BUNN programming features on the back panel
Brewed coffee should be enjoyed while flavor and aroma are at their peak. BUNN offers a range of holding and serving equipment designed to keep your coffee at its best.
Ideal holding temperature: 175oF to 185oF
Most volatile aromatics in coffee have boiling points well below that of water and continue to evaporate from the surface until pressure in the serving container reaches equilibrium. A closed container can slow the process of evaporation.
Ideal serving temperature: 155oF to 175oF
Volatile aromatics in coffee are not perceived when coffee is served at lower temperatures.
Ideal holding time: 20 minutes in an open top decanter / 60 minutes in a closed container
Holding coffee longer will result in loss of the smooth, sweet and complex flavors and instead produce a scorched or bitter taste.
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