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An important step in sustaining a healthy environment is recycling wherever and whenever possible. BUNN recycles a number of products at our facilities and encourages employees and community members to bring materials from home. Certain recycling opportunities allow a percentage of the recycle revenue to be reinvested into our community to support environmentally responsible local projects.
Of ce paper and magazines Production metal waste Aluminum and steel cans Clear and colored glass Plastic wrap
Florescent light bulbs Home appliances
Home/of ce electronics Aerosol cans Rechargeable batteries Wet cell batteries Lumber and wood Plastic containers Printer ink cartridges Eye glasses
Product Design
BUNN continues to explore innovative ways to improve products and packaging to conserve energy and reduce waste.
LED Lights
Energy Saver Mode
Vacuum Servers
Foam Insulation free of Hydro uorocarbon Biodegradable Packaging
Lead-free Solder Electronics

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