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Please refer to installation manuals for complete specifications and instructions. 230 Volt 50/60Hz models require 2 wires plus ground service rated 220-240V, single phase. 220 Volt 60Hz models require 2 wires plus ground service rated 220-240V, single phase. 100 or 200 Volt 50Hz or 50/60Hz models require 2 wires with ground, single phase. Multi-Phase models: 3-Phase to phase = 400V (will work on any voltage rated 380-415). Phase to neutral = 230V; 4 wire plus ground, 50/60Hz, 3 active heaters.; 1-Phase - Voltage = 230, 2 wire plus ground, 50/60Hz, 2 active heaters.
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RoHS Compliant: In keeping with our Sustainability Mission, BUNN electronics design can be made with NO hazardous substances and part assemblies are recyclable wherever possible.
Lead-free Solder is specified in the production of all electronic control boards.
Energy Saver Modes will lower power usage by disabling warmers and tank heater during periods of inactivity.
Bypass (and variable bypass): A function of brewing, like dilution, that reduces strength of a concentrate but it is intended for hot beverages. Generally, hot water is blended with coffee concentrate. Variable bypass allows different bypass rates for various brew volumes (small, medium and large) within a recipe.
Cold brew lock-out: A programming feature that prevents brewing when actual water temperature is below the Ready temperature.
Dilution: A function used to reduce strength of a concentrate for cold beverages. Generally ambient tap water is blended with tea or coffee concentrate.
Drip Time: Setting of time from the end of the spray head flow until the funnel flow stops (also applies to funnel lock).
Easy Pulse: This is a simplified version of Pulse Brew. It is programmed by selecting the time period of brew water dispense. Easy Pulse allows the operator to input a set time for which the brewer software will determine a pulse sequence.
Extraction: Water-soluble materials dissolve and move out of the coffee grounds and into the water. Part of the brewing process that includes Wetting and Hydrolysis.
LED Lighting is being specified where possible for product displays. LED lights use considerable less energy than fluorescent or incandescent lighting and have a longer life.
Corrugated, Biodegradable Materials are gradually replacing Styrofoam packing.
HFC-free Foam Insulation (no hydro fluorocarbons) is now used exclusively to insulate Soft Heat® servers and the cabinets of liquid coffee and cold beverage dispensers.
Funnel lock: A safety feature to prevent funnel removal during drip time.
Hydrolysis: A chemical reaction where the materials created during extraction break down further into water- soluble proteins and sugars. Part of the brewing process that includes Wetting and Extraction.
Pre-Infusion: A minor adjustment to a brew cycle when an initial volume is dispensed, followed by a pause to allow for saturation of the material, then the remainder of the brew cycle progresses. This is also described as a “pre-soak.”
Pulse Brew: A method used to increase the water contact time during a brew cycle. Pulse Brew can be programmed manually, by set time or through BrewMETER adjustments. This method is very useful for smaller volumes.
Satellite Brewer: A system that includes a mother brewing system that remains in one location (e.g., kitchen) and dispenses into portable, or removable, servers for remote service.
Wetting: Grounds begin to absorb hot water from the sprayhead and release gasses from the coffee. Part of the brewing process that includes Extraction and Hydrolysis.
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