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BrewLOGIC®: A programming feature that compensates for flow rate variations to maintain consistent dispense levels when water quality is a consideration.
BrewMETER®: A programming feature that simplifies Pulse Brew and allows extraction manipulation with the touch of a button.
BrewWISE®: A programming feature with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) communications that may include compatibility between decanter, grinder, funnel and brewer for custom warmer and recipe management without error. Works in conjunction with SMART Hopper, SMART Funnel, SMART Decanter and a Recipe Writer/Card.
BrewWISE® Recipe Writer/Card: Creates recipe cards or dedicated funnels for coffees, dramatically reducing equipment installation and calibration time. A box connects to an English Windows® PC with a standard serial port and uses BUNN software to transfer information to the cards or a SMART Funnel, then to-and-from the BUNN BrewWISE brewer and grinder. Ensures consistently high quality coffee flavour at every location and can also make cards for advertising messages onto the brewer’s display.
BrewWIZARD® – A programming feature that provides quick access to the most utilized setup parameters including a lock-out feature to prevent brewing when actual water temperature is below the ready temperature. Features include: brew lock- out, brew ounces, enable ads, enter service number, and BrewMETER®.
BUNNLink®: An automated monitoring and communication system that detects pending service problems and forwards alerts for service.
DBC®: Digital Brewer Control. BUNN was among the first in the dispensed beverage industry to introduce advanced beverage technology to the industry with Digital Brewer Control systems that allow users to precisely and consistently meet specific flavour profiles while also reducing training and labour costs.
Easy Pour®: An exclusive design used in decanters to assure convenient serving with a drip-proof, fast pouring lip from front or either side.
accurately to the required brix setting. The consistent results ensure the best quality beverage in the cup and contribute to maximum profits in the beverage program.
Infusion Series®: A product line of coffee/ tea brewers that allow different brewing profiles from the same machine/footprint, saving valuable counter space.
RPM Feedback: Technology on auger motors in BUNN speciality drink systems that monitor the auger revolutions per minute (RPM) and controls powder dosing for each beverage, eliminating product waste and ensuring consistency cup-to-cup.
Safety-Fresh®: A brew-thru lid with a vapor seal to maintain freshness and a spill prevention design.
Smart Funnel®: A funnel designed with a microchip that can receive information from an enabled grinder and transfer that information to an enabled brewer, managing the grinding and brewing process from start to finish. A SMART Funnel can be programmed to accept dedicated recipe information, reducing labour costs and minimizing brewing errors. Used in conjunction with BrewWISE technology.
Smart Hopper®: A hopper designed with a microchip that communicates the type of coffee contained in the hopper to an enabled grinder, managing the grinding and brewing process from start to finish. Used in conjunction with BrewWISE technology.
SmartWAVE®: Turbulence is an important element in brewing perfect coffee. SmartWAVE is a BUNN exclusive product design that uses technology to increase turbulence in the brew funnel, providing more contact between water and coffee and uniformity of extraction.
Soft Heat®: A docking server system with technology that thermostatically controls and automatically shuts off heat in the docking system once the preset temperature is reached and additionally monitors server volume. This is more beneficial than traditional warmer plates that heat continuously.
SplashGard®: An exclusive design with a shield next to the funnel handle that deflects hot liquids away from the user’s hand.
ThermoFresh®: BUNN offers a full line of vacuum- insulated servers and brewers that brew directly into these servers that keep coffee at optimal flavour for hours and save on energy consumption and by not requiring warming plates.
FlavourGard®: Technology monitors extract-to-water flavour consistency.
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High Intensity®: Technology that mixes high viscosity concentrates thoroughly, consistently, and
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