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I. Letter from Chairman
To Members of the Foodservice Industry:
This manual has been updated to continue to provide continuity and consistency to foodservice training regarding the recommended preparation of iced and hot tea.
As a service it is being provided to all county and state health authorities within the United States. It should be followed as a guideline because:
1. Tea is the first or second largest percentage revenue producer for most restaurants and therefore deserves close and continuous attention.
2. Turnover rates cause a tremendous need for continuous training.
3. The manual will enable the operator to serve the highest quality tea and thus minimize the
potential of negative publicity.
The guidelines are provided as a service to the foodservice industry by the Tea Association of the USA. They are based on the most current scientific and technical information available. While there has never been a confirmed illness associated with the consumption of tea, in light of the myriad ways in which any food may become unsafe for consumption, the Tea Association cannot guarantee that merely following these sanitary recommendations will eliminate all risk of human illness. Furthermore, the sanitary guidelines contained herein should not be considered as a replacement for compliance with all other applicable sanitation standards and requirements. Continuous attention to all aspects of foodservice sanitation is critical to the health and safety of your patrons and the continued popularity of tea as a beverage.
Tea Association of the United States, Inc.
William A. Bowron, Jr. Chairman

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