Quality Beverage Equipment Begins
In the mid 1950s, George R. Bunn manages Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and starts a division dedicated to the coffee brewing process and coffee equipment after becoming frustrated with the process to separate coffee grounds from the liquid in the percolating process that was popular at the time.

Flat Bottom Makes the Coffee World Go Round
After experimentation with common household textiles, George Bunn is credited for introducing the world’s first flat bottom coffee filter. Customers love the taste difference citing “no bitterness” that is accredited to evenly extracted coffee from a flat bottom filter.

O Yeah!
The division expands its product line to include brewing equipment. The Model O commercial brewer is patented with the Gravity Drip system.  

Experience BUNN Quality
Bunn-O-Matic Corporation officially joins the National Restaurant Association and debuts their first equipment exhibit at the Association’s annual show, beginning a great tradition. The BUNN booth remains popular today for great-tasting samples from the company’s full product line, including coffee, tea, granita, juice, espresso and Full Cup single servings.


On May 16, 1963, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation officially incorporates as a separate entity from the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company.

Quality Commercial Coffee Service
The Model X Pourover commercial coffee brewer launches and eventually is regarded as the cornerstone upon which Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was founded with a philosophy of making it simple to brew a quality cup of coffee wherever customers are located. It is offered to customers who agree to purchase coffee product. This is the inception of Office Coffee Service, or the OCS market.

Meeting the Needs of the Customer, Wherever Beverages are Served
An international business strategy begins with the establishment of a division in Canada.


Commercial Quality at Home
The B8 model is launched for the home consumer market and features a brew-on-demand internal hot water tank. 

Made in the USA
A manufacturing facility opens in Creston, Iowa with 25 employees. Two lines producing RL machines ran the first day, and three days later a VP line was started. Today the company has US locations in Illinois, Iowa and California.

More than Coffee
Model TL3 is patented as the first commercial tea brewer to serve the beverage from real leaves versus instant mix.


Demand for Quality
The Creston facility builds a record number of GR home models.  Also, by this time, over 50 different commercial models, grinders, warmers and hot water dispensers as well as two home models are in production.

The Tradition of Family Entrepreneurship Continues
Arthur "Hy" Bunn is named President and CEO and serves in the role today.

In Hot Water
The model H5X hot water dispenser is patented and promoted for all prep needs in the foodservice environment.


First in Class
A brewer/grinder electronic interface was patented as the frontrunner of the industry to ensure proper coffee-to-water ratios. It paved the way for future digital brewing systems.

It’s a Digital World
As customers entered the digital age, BUNN also embraced sophisticated new technology to meet changing needs. Digital Brewer Control™  (DBC®) was patented, making it easier for foodservice operators to  consistently offer a great tasting beverage.

We Run Hot and Cold
The first U.S.-made, electronic-sensored frozen drink system (CDS2) is introduced and patented. BUNN Gourmet Ice® features a reversing auger design that quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing with product.

A Better Way to Run Hot
Soft Heat®is patented, offering exclusive technology that automatically manages gradual heat through a server docking station. 


Safety First
SplashGard® funnel improves beverage brewing safety with a shield next to the funnel handle that deflects hot liquids away from the hand.

Juiced Up
BUNN Gourmet Juice® systems allow dispensing of both frozen and bag-in-box juice products from a single dispenser.

Experience Brings Wisdom
The groundbreaking BrewWISE® system is launched featuring RFID communication between grinder, funnel, and brewer.

Authentic Single Serve
BUNN is the forerunner in the single serve phenomenon with the introduction of My Cafe® pod brewer. Eco-friendly, compostable pods deliver a total authentic drinking experience from the aroma of the open packet to the quality in the cup.

Double the Grinding Power
The multi-hopper grinder is patented.

You Mix, We Mix, iMIX®
The iMIX hot powdered drink dispensers are launched with controlled product dosing and alphanumeric displays. In the same year, a French Press coffee grinder is designed.

Thermal Wrap Up
Utilizing the latest innovation in thermal holding materials, the ThermoFresh® system is patented allowing a quality beverage to be held for a longer time with greater energy savings in a closed, protected vessel.

The Best of Both Worlds
The Infusion Series® is patented and gives operators the best coffee and tea brewing system in one machine with precise extraction control.

Everybody Do the WAVE!
The SmartWAVE® Low Profile Airpot Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer is patented with an under-the-cabinet design and technology that increases turbulence in the brew funnel and promotes uniformity of extraction.

Quality in the Cup; Quality Manufacturing
BUNN assures high quality products by adhering to strict guidelines at production plants. This dedication resulted in an upgrade in the manufacturing facilities' quality management registration through ISO 9001:2008.

Coffee On Demand
BUNN specializes in producing the best cup for every occasion. The Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser is patented for high volume serving situations. FlavorGard® technology continuously monitors extract-to-water ratio.   

Being Thorough
The Silver Series® gourmet cold beverage dispenser is improved with High Intensity® mixing technology enabling high viscosity concentrates to be mixed thoroughly, consistently, and accurately to the required brix setting.


Full Cup Quality
The commitment to innovation continues with the launch of the single-cup commercial brewer, trifecta®, that utilizes a unique patented Air Infusion™ brewing technology. The brew method is unlike any other and unlocks nuances for a smooth, deep-bodied coffee or tea experience known as Full Cup. Vogue Magazine’s Jeffrey Steingarten wrote, “It is reassuring to know that the gigantic Bunn company [sic] considers the superbly brewed coffee niche worth fighting for.” New York Times coffee and food writer Oliver Strand featured trifecta in the newspaper’s popular blog, “Diner’s Journal.”

Olympic Partner
BUNN is a major supplier to the 2010 Olympic Games held in Vancouver. The company adopts the Brand Promise, “A Partner You Can Count On™,” reflecting the business mission to be a partner of choice for equipment selection and total post-purchase support.

Respect Earth®
BUNN is named the Commercial Recycler of the Year from the Illinois Recycling Association. The company’s dry cell battery recycle program saves more than 4,000 pounds of batteries from landfills.

Certified Gold Cup Standard
The Phase Brew home model is one of three brewers in the market certified by the SCAA to brew Gold Cup standard.

Full Cup at Home
The home model trifecta MB is launched exclusively for sale on www.bunnathome.com and gives coffee and tea lovers 25 optional settings to adjust the taste and size of their single cup beverage. 

合伙人 (Partner)
Continuing to respond to customer demand, BUNN opens warehouses in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Hong Kong and offices in Germany and Dubai.

RFID Enabled
AXIOM® RFID coffee server management technology is a 2013 CSP Innovation award winner and a 2012 qualifier in the NAFEM What’s Hot! What’s New! product gallery. The brewer's decanter automatically tracks and communicates the age of brewed coffee.

A New Canvas for Beverage Innovation
BUNN dedicates its best engineering and materials knowledge to designing an exclusive Sure Tamp® process in the Brew System Assembly for BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® superautomatic espresso machine.

BUNNLink® Tech Connected
A new chapter in BUNN equipment support services unit is formed to help customers manage the lifetime costs of owning premium commercial beverage equipment. Beginning with the BUNN Espress® superautomatic espresso series, the company’s BUNNLink service program began utilizing a progressive, cloud-based service package for operators. Routine and on-demand maintenance is coordinated with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication that enables remote monitoring, configuration and management of geographically disbursed equipment. The technology is powered by real-time connectivity that precisely narrows root causes and identifies best-practice troubleshooting scenarios.

Singular Quality
My Café® MCO and MCU commercial-grade, single-serve cartridge systems are engineered to achieve industry recognized brewing temperatures and a unique jet extraction process.

2016 and Beyond

BUNN refresh®
The introduction of a still and sparkling cold water dispenser which delivers purified, premium water.

Sure Immersion™
A clean, balanced filter-style coffee is dispensed through unique, Air Infusion® extraction brewing technology.

Using the company knowledge of Bean-to-Cup technology, this in a compact design with espresso-based beverages for International markets.

Future Designs
BUNN equipment will enter the future with a new look which prominently displays the new Visual Brand Language.