Guatemala hosts World Coffee Conference

Mar 4, 2010
Sam Grasinger, Dago Castro, Luiz Salomao and Desiree Logsdon of BUNN attended the World Coffee Conference 2010 in Guatemala City, Guatemala, from 26 to 28 February 2010. BUNN was a Silver Sponsor for the event, which brought together coffee growers, representatives from government, the private sector and international agencies. Grasinger and Castro conducted a brewing workshop for the International Women's Coffee Alliance prior to the start of the conference.
The conference was attended by 1200 attendees representing 70 countries. The Presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras had time at the podium to address the group. Speakers throughout the conference addressed a wide range of topics including economic, environmental and social sustainability in the coffee industry. The International Women's Coffee Alliance delivered a passionate presentation regarding empowering women in the global coffee community.

Mercanta reps Flori Marin and Stephen Hurst with BUNN's Dago Castro
Anacafe celebrated their 50th anniversary with an extraordinary gala. Congratulations to the ICO and Anacafe for organizing this historical 2010 World Coffee Conference.

Anacafe repr esentatives Amory Herrera, Rogelio Dvila, Luis Mejicanos, Ariana Topke, Erick Gonzlez, Enrique Molina, Edy Pacay, Mildred Estrada, Lady Ochoa, Ral Rodas, and Corina Ramazzini with Dago Castro and Luiz Salamao from BUNN

El Salvadore's President Mauricio Funes drinks Mercanta fine coffee in a BUNN cup.

This photo appeared the following day (Monday March 1) in Prensa Libre, the national newspaper of Guatemala.


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