Brewers Cup 2012

Jan 26, 2012|
Its that time of year when Baristas are anxiously mastering their craft in preparation for the United States Barista Competitions that are just around the corner.  This year BUNN is very excited to be the SCAA Brewers Cup Sponsor, as well as the WCE World Brewers Cup Championship Title Sponsor.  Participants at the World Brewers Cup will be using our H5 Element Precise Temperature Hot Water Dispensers to brew their coffees during the competition.  

Rusty Angell
Rusty Angell, BUNN Field Correspondent, will be brewing on the trifecta at these events so be sure to look for him and while youre at it grab a full cup of specialty coffee specifically dialed in for that event.

Stay in touch with us during all the action 

Rusty on Twitter @trifecta_ and on Facebook
BUNN Commercial on Twitter @BUNN and on Facebook

Upcoming Barista Competitions & Brewers Cups
January 27-29      North West
February 9-11       South East
February 24-26     North East
March 8-11             South West
March 2012            North Central
March 2012            South Central

SCAA United States Barista Competition
April 19-22 @ SCAA The Event in Portland, OR

WCE World Brewers Cup Championship

June 13-15 @ SCAE World of Coffee Exhibition in Vienna, Austria


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