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Feb 19, 2016

Daily consumption of gourmet coffee among adults was up to 34%, a 3% rise increase from the previous year.

- Source: National Coffee Association 2015 Drinking Trends

An Espresso based beverage menu can open up all new opportunities for profit: the espresso market is no longer a niche, has transcended a trend, and is settling down to stay.

The BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® Superautomatic is BUNN’s first solo venture into the field of Espresso machine equipment. The Sure Tamp® was conceived and designed by BUNN, and is built by BUNN in the USA. Able to steam up to a half-liter of milk in under a minute and capable of producing 180 shots of espresso per hour, this machine will keep your lines moving and your customers happy.

The heart of the BUNN Espress ® Sure Tamp ® Superautomatic is the exclusive Sure Tamp ® process incorporated into the Brew System Assembly. Gold cup espresso production begins with the formation of a puck (of compacted recently ground coffee) that allows for the optimum movement of water throughout. The all-metal Sure Tamp ® uses a proximity sensor to ensure correct compaction and a precise tamping pressure, while quality design specifications assure consistent production of pucks of perfect resistance, time after time.

As a significant portion of the espresso market includes milk-based drinks, it is proper that your espresso machine should be able to easily create these. The BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® Superautomatic is engineered to accommodate two milk types, and uses a high intensity milk frothing system to create either cold or hot froth.

Further, the Sure Tamp® also offers a patent pending process for milk delivery: in the Milk Texturing Fusion™ process, a knife blade of steam is injected into the chamber which heats the milk, resulting in a milk that is especially rich and creamy, and perfect for your drink innovations.

The Sure Tamp’s Build-A-Drink ™ Touchscreen provides a large 7-inch touchscreen with an easy-to-use, intuitive control console for a full menu of espresso-based beverages. Icons are chosen from a library, which can be custom-labeled to match your specific and unique offerings. The Intellisteam ® function produces milk steamed or frothed to the same programmed temperature each and every time, just at the touch of a button. Baristas and more experienced operators will enjoy the Manual Steam function that enables a ‘free-style’ milk steaming process. And the Purge function is an easy way to ensure ideal beverage taste by efficiently clearing the steam wand, thus assuring of the purity of every drink.

Profitable Espresso Programs depend on engaged staff members who are willing to confidently utilize and maintain high-performing equipment, thus maximizing the return on your investment. Good drink quality is a direct result of thorough daily cleaning, but in hectic serving environments time constraints often limit your ability to provide thorough, in-depth training.

Picture Prompted Cleaning™ on the BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® is a new approach to the daily cleaning requirements necessary for consistent quality drink production. Instead of having to spend time reading manuals (that are sometimes unclear to the uninitiated, and are often easily misplaced) or to view training videos (that are all too quickly forgotten), our large 7” touchscreen displays high resolution photograph tutorials (not illustrations) to guide the operator step-by-step through proper cleaning techniques, which are handily available every time they are needed. Our Picture Prompted Cleaning™ will work to make your program best in class.

The 7” touchscreen is also a message alert center for status updates, such as a hopper being low on beans, a cleaning cycle that needs to complete or a bin that is full of pucks. As with the cleaning tutorial, the On Screen Diagnostics feature displays a high resolution photograph tutorial that serves as a step-by-step guide through the needed adjustment. This feature takes the mystery out of routine maintenance, reduces down time and allows for a quick return to normal operation, thus increasing overall daily drink sales.

Properly done, an Espresso based beverage menu will add profit to your operation. The BUNN Espress® Profit Calculator is a tool designed to help you understand the true picture of top line revenue and operational costs. This profit projector calculates the return on your espresso equipment investment based on your business plan of daily drink sales. One typical example shows that with sales of only 40 espresso based beverages daily, equipment is paid for in 3.7 months. And after that payback, the annual revenue for the operator is $20,944.00.

However, this profit calculation considers increased revenue based on espresso sales alone. Consider, as well, how much greater overall sales may become because people have entered your business for an espresso drink, but have stayed for more.  To best understand the potential of Espresso Beverage Profitability, begin by contacting us HERE.

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