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Aug 16, 2016

What is an Axiom?

If you are talking about equipment with which to make a superb cup of coffee, it is a BUNN coffee brewer. BUNN has taken the experience gleaned from over five decades of providing brewers across the globe ---and from the customer feedback of that experience--- to produce a machine that consistently answers the question of how to obtain a great brew of coffee, by utilizing an array of technology in some very innovative ways.

The Axiom features a 200 oz (5.9 liter) tank, providing instant back-to-back brewing capacity. BrewLOGIC® technology calculates flow rate and adjust brew time to maintain consistent production values. This is an exceptional feature for equipment in high lime areas. The Axiom also adjusts automatically to varying water pressure to ensure that every brew includes the precise volume of water.

BrewWIZARD® technology simplifies brewer programming with an LCD display, allowing for easy setting of several features, right at the front of the machine. Brew level, cold brew lock-out, automatic warmer time-out (for applicable units), energy saver mode and digital temperature settings are features that can be defined easily from the front of the machine. From the same display, coffee extraction can be controlled with pre-infusion or pulse brew.

Cold brew lock-out ensures that the brew cycle starts only when the tank water is at the designated temperature for proper coffee extraction. The energy saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods. And every Axiom comes with an electronic diagnostics “tool” to help you maintain your unit at its peak functioning capabilities, and a built-in tank drain makes the occasional servicing that much easier.

What is an Axiom? We believe that it is quite evident that it is a marvelous work of technology that will provide an extraordinary cup of coffee, invariably and persistently. However, we encourage you to discover all that the Axiom can do for you, yourself. Please learn more about the Axiom here.


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