Machine Tracking

Oct 5, 2016

BUNNlink®, a machine-to-machine monitoring program originally launched in 1995 was, even at that time, extremely forward thinking and cutting edge.  It may be hard to believe, but the world wide web had only just been introduced the year before: Netscape was the first publicly available web browser, and was the only browser choice for most people and internet connections were mostly made via “dial-up”.  Many businesses did not yet have even one computer: of those that did have computers many had little or no connectivity to the ‘outside world’.

Yet, in 1995 BUNN® introduced and first launched its automated monitoring program.  BUNNlink was a service tool that connected its espresso makers to datacenters for remote diagnoses.  Machine status information was collected and reports were created to view later with the customer.  Usage trends and data could be collected and analyzed, but the greater goal of the time was to monitor equipment to help troubleshoot problems, and to prevent problems from arising.

Over time, the functionality offered by BUNNlink has grown in depth and breadth.  Now BUNNlink is an option available for a wide range of equipment, and provides real-time monitoring of the equipment on-site, thereby increasing ‘up’ time.  This monitoring allows for improved efficiency, as it minimizes unnecessary stops and service calls from service agents.  BUNNlink leads to pro-active services resulting in better customer satisfaction.  BUNNlink tracks assets by serial number and maintains important functional data, including “Date of Installation”, “Software Version”, “Last Read” date, “Active/Inactive”, “Cycle Counts”, “Cup Counts”, “Water Usage”, device component statuses and “Brew Tank Temp”, among other readings.

When an operation fails to work properly, the system will generate an error notice, will suggest “Possible Causes”, and will offer “Ops [operator] TroubleShooting” and “Tech TroubleShooting” suggestions.  The solutions provided may help the operator resolve the issue on site, without the need for a service call.  On the other hand, there are certain instances of a more technical nature where the “Ops TroubleShooting” message will go straightforward to “Dispatch service technician”.  Regardless, the advantage is to the customer, as even in the latter circumstance, the customer is aware ahead of time of the nature of the problem even before the service agent arrives on site.

BUNNlink is dedicated to helping maintain equipment operations at their peak efficiencies.  To see how BUNNlink works, view this video. To find out more about how this service can link up the operational chain for your equipment, from the time up set-up and through every day’s performance, please contact your BUNN sales agent.


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