The Machine of a Thousand (Plus) Faces

Aug 16, 2016

The JDF-4S Segmented offers something beyond the obvious. Like other JDF-4 units, the JDF-4S Segmented provides four dispense heads for chilled fresh-tasting juice offerings, from either ambient or frozen concentrate (or both). However, while its well-lit door with four displays creates a striking look… that look can be manipulated significantly.

The JDF-4S Segmented comes with eight different graphic displays, which can be used however is deemed best for the location. With eight different graphics that can be used in any of the four display slots, this means that there one thousand six hundred and eighty different ways that the displays can be arranged, using just the graphics that come with the machine.

However, even if “only” four different flavors are ever used, if these four flavors are used consistently this still affords the opportunity to change the look of a machine in twenty-four different ways: for almost half of a year the look of the machine can be altered weekly, while the flavor offerings actually remain the same. That’s quite a lot of design variance from one machine. If you are feeling “juiced” about the advantages such a machine offers, we invite you to learn more here.


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