Traveler Tracker Winner Round #2!

Sep 14, 2009
Congratulations Samira Lambert for guessing the location of our Traveler in Key West, Florida. She came closest to his location at Leigh Ann's Coffee House in Marathon, Florida, a great place to stop for coffee on your way to the Keys.

Samira won a a Bunn Gourmet Gift Pack that includes a $100 gift certificate to Bunn Gourmet, a BUNN coffee mug, an Adventures in Coffee cookbook, a Save My Coffee t-shirt and a BUNN coffee mug. She was overjoyed to hear that she won!
"I do love gourmet food and cooking, especially organic food, though I do not always have the time for cooking due to my busy work schedule. I definitely love coffee and tea though.

"I have not been to Key West at all but would love to go one day to take a long vacation. I love to travel!

"I did purchase a BUNN coffeemaker earlier this summer and I definitely enjoy the quick speed of brewing coffee in the mornings and the flavor is excellent. It feels like a professional coffee maker. Please keep producing quality products!" Samira says.
Samira said she learned about the contest on Facebook. We're also on Twitter.

Thanks, Samira. Enjoy your Bunn Gourmet Gift Pack (and great coffee from your BUNN brewer)! Watch to see where the Traveler goes next ... you never know where he'll turn up!


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