Aug 24, 2011|
The days of summer are numbered and that signifies one thing… back to school!  Over the next few weeks kids will be heading back to the classroom to hits the books.  As we all know, education in any subject matter is crucial.  That is why we are introducing a new video mini-series titled Better Brewing with Dr. Brew”We realize that in order to brew a great beverage one must understand the brewing process and all the different elements.  Over the next few months Dr. Brew will be providing educational videos explaining subject matters that will help you brew and enjoy your best cup each day.  At BUNN® we refer to these educational sessions as “Coffee 101”.  And yes, many BUNN employees sit through these same educational lessons (only ours are a little longer of course)! Get ready for the first educational lesson by Dr. Brew: Water Quality.

We all truly enjoy a quality cup of coffee that is fresh, flavorful and hot.  But what about a cup of coffee that tastes a bit like a swimming pool?  If you taste chlorine in your water - that same chlorine taste will carry over into your brewed beverage giving it a swimming pool back note.  As Dr. Brew explains, water makes up about 99% of a cup of coffee, which is why using quality water is not only very important for great coffee, but also for great tea.  Water needs to be fresh, good tasting and have some mineral content.  However, excess mineral content can affect the taste of your coffee just like an “off” taste or odor.  To learn more about water quality, including how hard and soft water can negatively affect brewing watch this quick educational video featuring Dr. Brew.

Join us next month for another lesson with Dr. Brew.  You're already one video closer to flipping your tassel towards a better brew.


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