Jul 1, 2010|

Dr. Brew,
Is there any difference between pouring hot water into my home Bunn coffee maker, versus cold? What about other manufacturers? Is the resulting coffee any different in composition?
H. Michael Buhler, Treasurer
Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company



The difference in incoming water temperature for brewing has been a debate for a long time.

The argument for cold/ ambient tap water is the oxygen level of the water. When water is held at elevated temperatures (above 140°F) for extended periods of time, oxygen is driven out. Aeration of the water does not help due to the water being unable to reabsorb the oxygen.

Using water from your hot water tap (120° -140°F) and pouring into your home brewer can cause a blending of temperature inside the tank. Cold tap water creates a better stratification within the tank and delivers a higher temperature over the coffee grounds. If you are using a home brewer with a heat exchange tube system, you need to be aware of the temperature reset requirements for that model.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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