Sep 22, 2011|
Dear Dr. Brew,
We've just purchased a Bunn VPR-APS Pour-over Airpot Brew from, along with Bunn Lever-Action 3.8 Liter Airpot for our 20-person office. Assuming that we want to make a full pot of coffee each time we brew, how much ground coffee should we be putting in the filter basket? I've searched high and low online and can't find information.
Jocelyn Bonebrake
Marketing Design Coordinator
The CHP Group

the brewer that you have is designed for a 64 ounce/ 1.9 Liter brew. The airpot you purchased is a 128 ounce/ 3.8 Liter volume. To fill the airpot you need to brew two brew cycles. The ratio of ground coffee to water volume I would suggest is 3.5 ounces ground coffee to 64 ounces of water (there was a pitcher with markings provided). Allow for complete recovery of the brew tank before starting a second brew. Your final formula is up to you, adjust weight to make the coffee you enjoy.
Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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