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I am trying to save electricity and wondering if leaving it on all the time or put it on a timer for 2 hours in the morning is better. I know it uses 900 watts. Right now I have the timer set to turn on one hour before I awake and one hour to turn off after drinking the coffee. I hope I make sense in this email.
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Not sure of the unit you have, although I will assume the unit has a blanket heater on the tank to reduce cycles on the control thermostat. The energy usage you would save would be the 35 watts of the blanket heater. We all pay for Kilowatt Hours (1000 watts on for 1 hour) at an average cost of approximately 0.06 dollars (6 cents) per Kwh. 35 watts on for 22 hours would consume approximately 0.77 Kwh/ 0.0462 dollars (call it 5 cents). At this rate 0.05 x 365 days would save $18.25. If the cost of the timer was $20.00, you break even in about one year.

Assuming the tank of water cooled to room temperature (75°F) after being off for 22 hours.

The 900 watt tank heater would be on for approximately 12 minutes to bring the water to 200°F. Costing about 0.012 dollars (1.2 cents). I will let you do the calculations from here.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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