Move over Secret Santa, Secret Coffee is in the house!

Dec 20, 2011 |

How to make coffee your secret guest at your next holiday and New Year's Party!

Catchy holiday music is playing, candles are lit, kids are at the babysitters as you wait for the first car lights to begin shining through your holiday windows.  Your holiday party is about to begin.  In a moment, your first guest arrives.  This year though will be...

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Coffee Ordering Lingo Cheat Sheet

Dec 13, 2011 |

The holidays are right around the corner, which means---HOLIDAY SHOPPING!   You will be out on the town picking up gifts for everyone on your list.  Holiday shopping can be a very strenuous activity and zap your energy.  You will need a little pick me up to help you power through, and a coffee based drink like a latte or cappuccino from your local coffee shop may be the...

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Recreating your favorite café drinks at home is easier than you think!

Dec 7, 2011 |

Recreating your favorite caf drinks at home is easier than you think. While nothing can truly simulate the power and precision of a professional espresso machine you can still recreate flavor combinations that are similar and satisfying. We asked BUNN Field correspondent, Rusty Angell to help us create some caf style drink recipes.   These drinks will warm up your day and impress...

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Mother Nature had Different Plans for This Year’s Coffee Crop Forecast

Nov 30, 2011 |

October was a tragic month for many living in Central America.   Heavy rains caused landslides and floods across Central American countries, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and parts of Mexico. At least 105 people lost their lives with an additional million people displaced. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua declared states of...

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Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 23, 2011 |

From all of us at BUNN have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Our customer service department will be closed on Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November, 25.  We will open again at 7am on Monday, November 28. Since it will be the first day back from a long weekend, we anticipate that the call volume will be high and appreciate your patience as we get to your calls.

You can...

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Cooking with Coffee: Session 4- Chef Jordan Coffey

Nov 23, 2011 |

It's the final session of Cooking with Coffee!  So don't miss your chance to win an Adventures in Coffee  cookbook.  To enter the drawing comment on the question listed at the bottom of the post on the BUNN At Home discussion by midnight on November 30!  Bon Apptit!

American Harvest

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Better Brewing with Dr. Brew- The difference in filters

Nov 14, 2011 |

Have you ever gone to the store looked at the coffee filter aisle and been a little confused as to what the heck is the difference?!  Flat bottom filters, cone filters, paper filters, mesh filters, whitened filters, natural filters... We know it can be a little daunting. That is why we asked Dr.  Brew to explain the different filters on the market and how they can affect the coffee...

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Cooking with Coffee: Session 3- Chef David Radwine

Nov 9, 2011 |
It's time for another session of Cooking with Coffee! Remember to comment on the question listed at the bottom of the post on the BUNN At Home discussion forum to go into a drawing to win an Adventures in Coffee cookbook! Comments must be received by November 15 at midnight to go into the drawing. Bon Apptit! Sangamo Club Chef David Radwine is the General Manager of Sangamo Club in... Read More

The grand prize winner of Cook of the Week Challenge!

Nov 3, 2011 |

Last night was the finale to the Cook of the Week Challenge.  Previous victories in all other rounds brought 4 cooks to this event to compete for the title of Cook of the Year.  The contestants: Penny Kazmier, Cate Brusenbach, Mark Clemens and Michael Lalagos

The key ingredients: fresh cranberries, dried cranberries, pork tenderloins, canned chipotle peppers and hazelnuts....

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Coffee Filter Halloween Costumes

Oct 26, 2011 |

Paper coffee filters have so many alternative uses besides brewing coffee.  You can use paper coffee filters to clean windows, line flower pots, protect china, but have you ever thought about using them to create a fun Halloween costume?  We asked a few BUNN employees to experiment with coffee filters to craft fun, one of a kind...

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