Beauty tips with coffee grounds

Sep 28, 2011 |

Each year millions of dollars are spent on beauty products, but what if I told you that there is an ingredient in your kitchen that could be added to your beauty regiment.  Let me introduce beauty tips that use coffee!  Thats right, coffee is no longer just for drinking.   Coffee is being used in a wide variety of beauty products.  From reducing cellulite[5]...

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Coming soon...Contest to win a BUNN prize pack in celebration of National Coffee Day!

Sep 27, 2011 |

This Thursday, September 29 is National Coffee Day!   A whole day dedicated to the delicious beverage that we all know and love.   Of course we are ecstatic about this holiday and in celebration we are giving away BUNN prize packs on and ...

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Week 2 Cook of the Week competition winning recipes announced AND new recipes for Week 3!

Sep 26, 2011 |

The winners from Week 2 of round 1 competition from the Daily Herald's Cook of the Week Challenge are: Michael Lalagos and Cate Brusenbach.  Lalagos won the tilapia challenge with his Macadamia-Crusted Tilapia with Mango-Cherry Salsa with Black-Eyed Pea, Brown...

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Different ways to process coffee

Sep 21, 2011 |

Processing is an important step in the journey that coffee takes from seed to cup.  Yet most of us know little about this step.  Processing begins after a coffee cherry is harvested. Once it is picked the fruit must be removed to obtain the seed from inside the coffee cherry.  That seed is a green coffee bean.   A coffee cherry has many layers including the outer skin...

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Winning recipes from round 1 of Cook of the Week Challenge

Sep 20, 2011 |

 The winners from the first phase of round 1 competition from Cook of the Week Challenge are:  Jamie Andrade and Oscar Menoyo.  Andrades Root Beer Glazed Round Steak Braciole with Roasted Potatoes won over...

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Mexican Dip Recipe

Sep 16, 2011 |

Football season is officially underway.  And between the high school football games, college games and even professional games, you have numerous tailgates you need to attend!  Tired of bringing a bag of chips or hot dogs to the pre-game festivities?  Want a new recipe to share with your football friends at this weekends tailgate?  Try this Mexican Dip that incorporates...

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Back-to-School Supplies for Moms

Sep 12, 2011 |

Moms Also Need Their Own Back to School Supplies What are yours? 

After Labor Day, back to school marks the unofficial season of new beginnings and new opportunities for moms everywhere. For many moms, back to school is a time where women regroup, take stock about the things they want to accomplish. It also represents a true chance to get their life back or even...

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First phase of Round 1 of Cook of the Week Challenge recipes

Sep 8, 2011 |

Round 1 Cook of the Week Challenge

The 1st  Cook of the Week Challenge recipes are posted!   Over the next three weeks multiple phases of round one competition will be taking place. Round one of the Cook of the Week challenge consists of two competitions between four contestants.  The winners from Round 1...

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The Thin Months

Sep 8, 2011 |

I recently watched a film titled After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands.  The film premiered at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Symposium and Exposition in Houston this...

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Cook of the Week Challenge

Aug 31, 2011 |
Capping off a great meal with a delicious cup of coffee is so enjoyable. At BUNN we not only appreciate the art and skill of brewing a quality beverage, but we also appreciate the art and skill of cooking. Needless to say BUNN is excited to be part of the 1st annual Daily Herald Cook of the Week Challenge and follow some wonderful self discovered home culinary artists. In todays edition of... Read More



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