April Fools' Day prank ideas for the home or office

Mar 30, 2015

On April 1, harmless pranks are played on family, friends and even co-workers for April Fools' Day.

Below are some pranks that we brainstormed that involve coffee.    We can just hear your mischievous laugh now, that’s why we like to call these pranks #BrewHaHa.  

Warning: We don’t encourage these, as you may incite anger with your family, friends or coworkers if you mess with their coffee. Do at your own risk. :)

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Pranks to play at home

  1. Switching the Tank Switch to the OFF position
    If you have a BUNN fast brew model that contains an internal hot water tank, flip the tank switch (vacation switch) to the OFF position the night before.   When your loved one goes to sip their morning brew, the coffee will be ice cold. Whoops! #BrewHaHa
    (Good news for your loved one: Flipping the tank to the ON position will heat the water in the tank so he/she can brew another pot of hot coffee.)

                  ON                                                                      OFF

  2. Empty can of coffee
    Empty the family coffee can or canister and place it back in the pantry.   When your loved one goes to dose out his/her favorite coffee for his/her morning brew they will surely know they have been April Fooled.   (Cue your #BrewHaHa laugh.)

Pranks to play at the office

  1. Iced tea in coffee dispensers
    Switch out the coffee in the office dispenser with iced tea.   The confusion on your co-workers faces as they pull their morning cup of joe will be priceless.

  2. Hide all the cups
    Arrive extra early at work and remove all the cups from the beverage station.   Sit back and watch the hilarity as your coworkers search frantically for the missing cups.


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