Coffee Champagne Cocktail

May 9, 2012|

Are you planning to cook up a delicious brunch to celebrate Mom this Mother's Day?  Make your Mother's Day brunch tradition even more memorable this year by serving a unique cocktail, a Coffee Champagne Cocktail to be exact.   This floral and coffee infused, bubbly cocktail created by Sherri Johns will be a favorite that you'll want to use to over and over again.

These cocktails are a perfect complement to the Coffee Filter Flower centerpieces that adorn your table at your fabulous Mother's Day Brunch.


Coffee Champagne Cocktail


  • Rose syrup
  • Champagne
  • Brewed Coffee, Sweetened
  • Candied hibiscus Flower(Optional)


  1.  Place 0.5 oz of Rose Syrup in bottom of champagne flute
  2.  Add .5 oz.  of brewed double strength coffee, sweetened
  3.  Fill remained of glass with chilled champagne
  4. Float candied hibiscus flower on top (optional)
  5. Gently stir and enjoy!




Sherri Johns Bio

Sherri Johns, with over 35 years in Specialty Coffee, is President and Founder of WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC, a leading consulting firm specializing in Coffee Education and Brewing "Profits", Barista Training and International Development in retail, marketing, branding and expansion, Sherri is also the cofounder of the Ultimate Barista Challenge.  Sherri is Lead Trainer and Curriculum developer at BEST Coffee School, a Professional Coffee Cupper and Head Judge for Cup of Excellence, International Tasting judge in Coffee, Barista and Food Competitions. She is a featured author, writer and speaker throughout the globe. Sherri specializes in working seamlessly, bringing creative coffee solutions to the table in a variety of cultures, between professionals, producers, associations and consumers.


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