Cook of the Week Challenge: Week 3 winners and new recipes for Week 4.

Oct 3, 2011|

The winners from Week 3 of round 1 competition from Cook of the Week Challenge are: Mark Clemens and Mary Beth Riley.  Clemens Polenta Lasagna with Brussels Sprouts and Black Swan Barbecue Sauce was a judges favorite as well as Rileys  Pan Fried Chorizo Ravioli with Creamy Spinach Pesto . Both of these cooks will advance to round 2 of the Cook of the Week Challenge.  To read the judges comments about these recipes click here.

Week 4 of Round 1 competition saw Antonio De Pau facing off against Judy Monaco in the first competition.  The second competition saw Penny Kazmier versus Bob Conidi.

De Pau and Monaco were charged with creating dishes using the key ingredients of: Old Havana Foods Sofrito, canned tuna, mango and refrigerated biscuit dough.    De Pau created Fish & Fruity Cuban Sofrito Gnocchi with Tuna Meatball and Mango Sauce.  Monaco created Cuban Tuna with Yellow Rice, Mustard-Butter Biscuits and Mango-Avocado Salad.  

In the second competition Kazmier and Conidi had the following key ingredients: - Holland House Red Wine Vinegar, Polish sausage, sweet potato and plums

Kazmier used the key ingredients to create Smoked Polish Sausage and Sweet Potato Egg Noodles- Halushki Style with Grilled Plum, Blue Cheese and Arugula Salad.  Conidi created Late Summer Evening Pizza.  

You can view these recipes by logging onto  The recipes will be judged by a panel of chefs and food professionals as well as reader votes. 

Want to learn more about the Cook of the Week Challenge check out their Facebook page at


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