Dorm Life Checklist: Outfit your college home

Aug 19, 2011|

We want to wish all the students who will be going back to school a safe and wonderful school year.  Starting a new school year is exciting, especially for students who will be heading off to their first year at college.  Leaving home for the first time can be fun, but stressful for both students and parents alike. In order to alleviate the stress we created a Dorm Life Checklist. Making your dorm room the perfect home away from home pad can seem like a challenge at first.  Often a dorm consists of plain old furniture, small windows, and carpeting that has seen better days. Your first gut instinct is why bother when youll be moving out again in 9 months.   But remember, your dorm room is your first home away from home and a place where youll be studying and hanging out with friends, so coming up with the right dcor and items that fit your style is worth the effort.  Plus, it can be very fun, too!

Here is a check list of the items youll need to make your dorm room an inspiring place you call home.

  • Photos of your family, friends and favorite pet to bring a piece of home with you to college. Put these photos in cool, funky frames to add personality and style to your room.
  • Lamp for next to your bed or desk. This is a must as you will be reading many textbooks late into the night.
  • Wall dcor is the perfect way to decorate plain white walls. However, be careful not to hang any dcor that damages the walls as you may be responsible for the damages at the end of the year!  Try one of the many removable wall graphics on the market to give your room a style you can call your own.
  • Alarm Clock is a must for early morning classes, or for the quick cat nap every college kid takes.  But who says an alarm clock has to be boring? Check out fun suggestions at
  • Pegboard creates flexible vertical storage space with room for decorations.
  • A small freestanding shelving unit will keep papers and homework in the right spot.
  • A trunk is perfect for storage or travel.  It provides a generous capacity for clothing, linens, books or personal treasures.  Plus, it can double as a seat for guests who visit your room!
  • Headphones " Spare you, your roommate and other friends, and buy a great set of headphones rather than a pair of beat blasting speakers.
  • Bean bag chair to help you study or chill in comfort and style. Most dorm rooms come equipped with a bed, desk and an uncomfortable chair.  A bean bag chair is perfect for eating a slice of pizza, studying for mid-terms, or just hanging with friends. 
  • Jersey Duvet & Sheet Sets are so comfortable that you won't have a problem falling asleep!  Dress your bed with the casual style and comfort of a favorite T-shirt. Made from the same material as your favorite t-shirt, you'll feel just as comfortable sliding into them at the end of a long day.  .
  • Dry erase board- You and your roommate will have different schedules. A dry-erase board allows you to communicate with your roommate telling them to meet you in the cafeteria at noon for lunch, or leave a passive-aggressive note to stop drinking your milk!
  • Laundry Hamper with Carrying Straps to help you lug your massive pile of laundry to the laundry room.  Sorry, most dorm rooms do not come equipped with a washer or dryer (or mom to do your laundry).  Most of the time the laundry room is located in the basement of the dorm making this item a must have!
  •  Microwave and TV tip -- Wait to buy a microwave or TV until you meet your roommate and see what things he/she brought. If you still need a microwave or TV, you can always go and pick one up.  
  •  Mini Fridge- Unless you're one of the lucky few who already have fridges in their dorm rooms, a mini-fridge is a must-have for college living. It allows you to sneak left-overs from the cafeteria into your room. 
  • Favorite pillow, blanket and PJs from home " enough said!
  • A Coffee/Tea brewer in your room will allow you to brew a cup of coffee to get your through that late-night studying session, or prepare a delicious cup of coffee or tea to entertain a new friend.   Most coffee brewers are too bulky to fit into the cramped space of a dorm room, and dont fit into the fast pace lifestyle of a college student as they take way too long to brew. Not the BUNN My Caf pod brewer. This machine is perfect for dorm rooms!  Its compact, it makes great coffee and tea, it brews quickly, it cleans up in no time, and it's great looking. Oh, and did we mention it is single serve! Enjoy the smell and taste of fresh brewed coffee in under a minute.  Plus, you can use the My Caf to dispense hot water to make instant oatmeal, hot cocoa or soup right in your dorm room! This is our #1 must have item!  Found at

So as your summer draws to a close, you join young adults from across the country who will be heading to their first year at college. Be safe and have fun!
Parents we know you are nervous about sending your irreplaceable child off to his/her first college school year. Take a breath and remember back to your college life, you did it, you made it, and so will your child.

 Helping them be prepared is your biggest gift.  We hope that these tips from BUNN, your favorite coffee beverage equipment company, will help you through this exciting passage in your childs life.

With brave wings, they will fly.


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