Meet the newest BUNN® brewer for home- trifecta® MB!

Feb 25, 2012|

We are excited to introduce our new brewer -- trifecta MB!   This state of the art machine introduces a new style of brewing that delivers a truly unique result in the cup. 

So how does it work?
trifecta MB utilizes the same patented Air Infusion technology as BUNN's commercial model to produce a rich, deep-bodied coffee or tea experience. It allows a coffee lover to adjust for perceived acidity, sweetness, earthy flavors, extraction level, and mouth feel using Turbulence Cycle and Infusion Time controls.  trifecta also features longer Infusion Times to produce amazing hot tea. With 25 unique brew settings, trifecta MB is designed to help pull out the nuances in high quality coffee and tea. 


The clear brew chamber allows you to see the brewing magic.  trifecta's unique press out further amplifies the result in the cup when air in the chamber presses the beverage through a fine-gauge metal screen, preserving oils and aromatics. The result is a Full Cup -- a unique, amplified taste experience.  

This brand new machine is available only on


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