Recipe: Iced Coffee

Aug 21, 2013|

Even though the kids may be heading back to school, summer is still here and so are the warm temperatures.   Some people have been asking how they can make iced coffee at home to cool down.  We listened and experimented to find recipe starting points for coffee concentrates.   You may be asking, "coffee concentrate?".   Ice will significantly dilute the coffee, so you need to start with strong coffee in the first place to allow the flavor to stay strong.  As a general rule, you make iced coffee from a brew double the strength of your normal coffee. 

Below are recipes to make coffee concentrates for the various BUNN home brewer models.  However, you may like your iced coffee different, therefore experiment!  Changing the grind size, the amount of coffee used, or the amount of water used can change the strength of your brew.

Directions for making coffee concentrates with BUNN Home Brewers


My Caf MCU:  Using the ground coffee drawer place 20 grams of ground coffee in the bowl.  Add 5 ounces of water.   Activate the Pulse feature, and hit the Brew Button.   Next, place 5 ounces of ice in a heat resistant cup, and pour the coffee concentrate over the ice.  Finally, enjoy your single cup of delicious iced coffee!









Phase Brew:  Use 80 grams of drip grind coffee for 20 ounces of water to brew a coffee concentrate in your Phase Brew.    Place 20 ounces, or about 2 cups, of ice in a heat resistant pitcher and pour the coffee concentrate over the ice.    Now you have a pitcher of iced coffee to share with your family and friends!






 Velocity Brew: Use 100 grams of drip grind coffee for 25 ounces of water. (TIP: Use BUNN filters. These filters are a little taller and will help prevent overflow of the grounds.)  This recipe will yield about  4 cups(20 ounces) of coffee concentrate.   We would recommend using coffee cubes to chill the coffee.   To make coffee cubes: pour brewed coffee  into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Once frozen these coffee cubes can be used to chill your coffee concentrate.  


  Feel free to add sugar, cream, cinnamon or other spices to your glass of iced coffee to give it a sweet note.

If you have a recipe for iced coffee please share on our Facebook page at


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