Spring Cleaning Tips with Coffee

Mar 20, 2012|

Spring has officially sprung which means flowers, warmer weather and SPRING CLEANING!  To assist you in your cleaning adventures we have compiled a list of tips that use coffee grounds and coffee accessories.   Happy Cleaning!

Cleaning tips using coffee grounds...

Clean fireplace with coffee grounds

Cleaning the ashes out of your fireplace can create quite a mess from all the dust.  However, you can use damp coffee grounds to help reduce this mess.  According to Shine from Yahoo, "once embers are cool, simply sprinkle damp coffee grounds all over the ashes."  Allow the grounds to sit for about 15 minutes in order for the grounds to cling to the ashes so you won't end up with so much dust! After the 15 minutes scoop out all the materials into a metal ash can.  Less mess!   http://shine.yahoo.com/green/20-unusual-uses-coffee-183200501.html

 Scrub with coffee grounds

According to Vision Magazine coffee grounds are "extremely abrasive and acidic" which makes them a great solution when it comes to scrubbing hard to clean areas.  To use as a scrub, mix a little bit of coffee grounds with a small amount of water.   A small amount of grounds can even be combined with dish soap. 
*Note:  Make sure the dirty area is stain resistant as the coffee mixture could stain.  http://www.visionmagazine.com/archives/0804/culture.html


 Remove unpleasant odors from refrigerator using coffee

To help remove odors from the refrigerator tie unused coffee in cheese cloth pouches.  Coffee will absorb the unpleasant odors and keep the interior fresh.   Adventures in Coffee Cookbook.


Cleaning tips using coffee filters....

Clean windows and mirrors with coffee filters

Coffee filters are great alternatives to paper towels to clean windows and mirrors as they do not leave streaks and are lint free! 

Prevent messes in the microwave

This useful tip from Curbly helps prevent nasty food splatters in the microwave.  Simply place a coffee filter on top of a container when microwaving.  Volia!  No mess in the microwave to clean up! http://www.curbly.com/users/chrisjob/posts/2261-15-alternative-uses-for-coffee-filters

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